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Woodlands and Waterways

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Bob Ballantyne





     First, a few words about this website. As a youngster I was introduced to the great out-of-doors by a group of what today would be called “mentors,” as well as a father who also promoted such an interest.


     Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing became a major part of my life, and this was for a “city kid” who grew up in a major metropolitan area in a row home in the 1950s. That “passion,” I guess one may call it, led to a formal education at a teacher’s college where I majored in biology and minored in the physical sciences. For the rest of my life I thus carried such knowledge back and forth between the out-of-doors and the high school and college classroom.


       I assembled a book for the sole purpose of sharing that knowledge with people such as yourself, assuming you came to this website because of its title “Woodlands and Waterways.” That happens to be what I named a freelance newspaper column that I wrote for many years. I have also developed some “slide shows,” (these days in PowerPoint©) related to some of my outdoor activities.


     So this website is designed to introduce you to that book and those slide shows. Some pages will introduce you to the book Woodlands, Waterways, and Mother Nature, with its many tales of hunting, fishing and camping, and - most importantly - of the many facets of nature one may encounter on such adventures.


     The reading, I hope, will add to your ability to observe your surroundings when in the great out-of-doors. The book is a series of outdoor tales designed for casual reading that you can pick up and put down at your convenience. Most tales have a little lesson imbedded in them designed to enhance your knowledge of “Mother Nature.”


     Also introduced on this site are the various slide shows available on fishing and fisheries biology in Yellowstone and on fishing in the Florida Keys. 


       Click on the links above to take you to a description of the book, an excerpt from one of the chapters, some photos from the book, and purchasing instructions.


     To get a little flavor for the style and contents of the book, I recommend visits to the "Excerpts" and "Chapter Photos" pages of the book through links on the tool bar above.






The author fishing in Yellowstone

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