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Woodlands and Waterways

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Welcome To
Website of Outdoor Writer
Bob Ballantyne


Welcome to this website, the main feature

of which is the book Woodlands, Waterways,

and Mother Nature.


(However, if you would just like to take a

photographic trip through some outdoor

adventures in various locations, just click

on "Photo Album" in the tool bar above!)




This book is unique among outdoor books.

While it features both fishing and

hunting stories, it is not what is called a

“hook and bullet” book. And it has much to

offer for those just interested in viewing

nature, especially hikers and campers.


True, the reader gets taken on many angling 

and hunting “adventures,” but buried within

each story is some information guaranteed

to provoke the thought “I didn’t know that!”


It is both educational as well as entertaining,

and it is a reading you can pick up and put  

down at you leisure (as the subtitle indicates).  


It could be a book for the bed stand, for example.


But you do not have to be a hunter or

angler to enjoy the many tales. If you

just have an interest in nature – perhaps

the old fashioned type of ecology – it will

also be a read for you. One will find it a

good source of information for all outdoor



You’ll be led to eastern woodlands and farms,

to springtime streams and ice covered winter

lakes, to the Florida Keys and British Columbia

and - quite often - to Yellowstone Country.  


There’s also a good dose of history found

on the pages. 


So, for all readers, it will add to your

knowledge of nature and your skills at

observing the less noticed things in the

outdoors. When you’re done reading

it you probably won’t file it away …

it will become a reference source.


As the old saying goes … “try it, you’ll like it!” 

See a brief survey of the chapters.

Information on purchasing

The author fishing in Yellowstone

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